Chiaro di Luna (Moonlight)

You have my interest and all the very best of my intentions
You are overdue to be wrapped in my arms and adorned in my attentions
In some of the most hectic days I don’t have to look too far to find
Your kind words and gentle heart to ease my chaotic mind
You wander through my head, I find you in so many pretty places
Our silhouettes cast upon the wall that moon light traces
In one another’s arms gazing up into the star filled night
Finding the softest way possible to hold you close and tight
The wind blows spring through your silky red hair
While I am helpless to do anything but stare
Watching it wave through the air like fire resting against my chest
I pull you closer to me without a single ounce of protest
I will protect you always, keep you safe and warm
And you will always surround me like a beautiful storm
Where I would lose all track of the day
Wrapped up with you in a such a wonderful way
I dream of the day I find myself pressed against your lips
With that fiery red hair wrapped around my fingertips
I want to know how good being together will be
And give you the best that you brought out in me
Just in case and for the sake of being perfectly clear
The door to my heart is open for you to walk through my dear


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