The Man, The Monster

You will know me by my will, one that isn’t easily broken
Keeping the secrets of my betrayers never to be spoken
See me struggle, watch and see just how far I fall
Then witness me return to rise and conquer it all
May no effort be hollow, I won’t simply rely on chance
For determination consumes me now, stuck within its trance
So point your fingers and cast your petty stones
It will take blades sharper than those to ever reach my bones
A scream within my lungs and a fire burning in my heart
Stitched together by pure will that none can tear apart
Never burning out and never ever giving in
Not even after years in the dark, you don’t know how strong I’ve been
Tempered in pure pain, forged in fires hotter than any hell
Scarred from head to toe, like medals I wear them very well
These wounds be deep but still I am alive
To live is to fight, that is the only way to survive
From heat of the summer ,through snow of December
If you try to put me in a hole you better fucking remember
No matter how many times I fall from their fickle graces
Expressions of disbelief stretch across their smug faces
In whispers they turn and ask each other why
Because the unkillable monster you made doesn’t lay down and die


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