Filling Spaces

I’m frozen in headlights, I can’t make a single move at all
But you are looking up at me right now and I have never felt so tall
A million things are flashing through my head
Like your pretty hair against my skin so soft and red
I’ve lost my concept of time and everything feels like slow motion
And the whole time your eyes sweep me in like a crashing ocean
The cold wind blows between us marking spaces that need to be filled
Your affections well up within me and not a single drop is spilled
My arms wrap tightly around you and settle calmly in their place
I watch as a smile slowly adorns across your pretty face
I wondered for a long time just exactly how this could feel
Just like I pulled it from my dreams and now it is so very real
Few words need be spoken when we are wrapped together in this fashion
As cold of a night as it was my blood burned against the passion
The haziness of my head slowly started to clear
My nerves turned to steel and I knew not a single bit of fear
I can’t help but smile as you grab my collar and pull me near
The stars and moon witness our moment my dear
Your lips pressed into mine , yes it is so very true
A kiss that had been here waiting for no one else but you


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