The Snow

It’s colder where you are but it stays warm right here
Just inches away in this dream I hold you near
Where the concept of time completely fades away
I dream of you every night and the feel of it haunts me everyday
The mere thought completely steals away my attention
And your passion burns me from the inside in a way words cannot mention
If I could explain, if you only knew
The places my mind goes when I lay here thinking of you
My arms around you, an invitation I dare not decline
Your head upon my chest against this beating heart of mine
I marvel at how you tame these demons and bring my mind to ease
Not a damn thing between us now, not an inch of space nor the breeze
I am standing right beside yet I’ve long been lost in those eyes
The want to stare hours into them never ever dies
My lips against yours, I never will pretend
Is a thought that replays in my head that I never want to end
Thoughts like these I have spent on so very few
And sometimes I feel like I only sleep to have these lucid dreams of you
With my arms around you I ponder the possibilities of how far we can go
And I am happy right here holding you in the snow


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