Never Come Back

I could give you the world and it still would not be enough
Trying to give my love to someone has never been this tough
You will speak to me today
Then tomorrow just push me away
The frustration of it all growing ever caustic and hotter
The world drowned you long ago , still I  came for you under the water
Maybe thats why we never survive
I’m the only one keeping it alive
We’ve done this a million times over and over again
I get away and you just keep trying to pull me back in
I watch the bridges you burn
Its clear that you’ll never learn
The best way out of here is to walk away together
But it seems like you want to play this game forever
It feels like I have to peel you from my soul
It has gotten so far out of control
I remember I used to get lost in your eyes
Now they wrap me in cold steel bars I despise
I set here as calm as I can possibly be
All the while your face is red from screaming at me
It’s all come full circle and has grown so old today
And I shake my head with one final thing to say
This fire has been extinguished, now all we are doing is staring into the black
I never want to see your face again, leave and never come back


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