Warm Sunshine

Shes stolen my attentions, I’m sure she already knows
And I wont retract a single fact of how easily it shows
Shes different from the rest, unique in her own special way
The little details do not escape me and shes on my mind all through out the day
Her eyes are art like stained glass even if she doesn’t seem to like the color
They are fine just the way they are and I would paint them no other
And as she spoke I admired the enthusiasm in her glance
I looked straight back into them with each and every chance
At the sound of her voice I would drown out all the noise around
And with each and every word I grew more fond of its soothing sound
I gathered my intentions for the night and ended up with more days beyond tomorrow
And I soaked up every second yet not a single drop of it was sorrow
To some it would seem just like any other corner of a crowded room
But I was somewhere else entirely softly spun around her loom
When I set close to her I could not deny the warmness of her presence
Still I can’t escape the familiarity of her essence
Shes got lips that kill me harder than I could ever believe
Like I am trapped on the other end of a kiss I am begging to receive
An attraction so palpable I could pull it from the very air
Upon which to lay my head, every bit as soft as her long silky hair
And all I could think of is what I would have to do
To fill in this inch of space between me and you
And here we are, the brave have gave all that was left untold
I fear not a single word and even now I still grow bold
Every inch I traced I adored something so beautifully fine
The story of my time spent in your warm sunshine


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