A Night On My Window Seal

I lay my head upon my arms, wrapping myself around what I feel
Although it lacks the comfort I have made my bed leaning against the window seal
As the breeze blows my imagination easily takes hold
My vision fades yet wide awake all these dreams unfold
I stand diligently in a field of knee high long bladed grass
It rain soaked blades glitter in the fading sun , a storm has undoubtedly recently came to pass
The water is cool like February mornings yet the air is gentle like spring
Wrapped in gusting winds and all of the solace they bring
Nothing but green grass and rolling hills as far as the eyes can see
Just another trip to the plains of solitude deep within me
I lay in the grass, it stretches up like green arms around the borders of my eyes
And I close them gently as the afternoon light slowly dies
Sounds of crashing waves break the silence upon my ears
Warm water brushes against my lips that reminds me of salty tears
My eyes open and near a rocky cliff I am being tossed back and forth in the ocean swell
A place I have never seen before but I know the feeling all to well
Cliffs of anguish carved out by an ocean of sorrow
Where the only promise ever kept is one of a dark tomorrow
There I am thrown upon the sharp jagged stones
And just like when you let sorrow sink in it twists and breaks my heavy bones
I fold my arms against my body, fighting my instinct to stay afloat I let myself sink
All the way to the bottom and its all over in a single blink
Water fills my lungs, my chest burns like its filled with hot coals, broken is my will
A short flinching and kicking fit later there is only silence and all grows still
My vision fails and everything slowly fades away
The last thing I feel is a gentle ocean sway
Its like drifting slowly to sleep
Miles below the surface in the great oceans deep
My body shakes clenched in tight frigid grips
I feel frosty winds crack my cold quivering lips
Wide open eyes to stare at skies of heavy falling snow
Behind the clouds a giant moon casts its bright lunar glow
Trees stretch out before me with thorns adorning their with ice covered branches
The cold wind howls through them and upon the snow their shadow dances
This place resembles a long forgotten orchard the trees planted carefully in rows
No one has set foot here for years and it easily shows
Amongst the sound of howling wind and cracking branches I hear a voice so quiet yet so very clear
Come closer for you are very near, past the trees with no branches straight to me my dear
I walked farther and the branches hung less and less
The whole time gripped in the fear of uncertainty I shamelessly confess
To the center of the orchard , to a hill with a single tree upon, in a vast clearing
Every step toward it grew upon intrigue for the voice I had been hearing
I approached the tree the wind had suddenly died
I had no idea what to expect and stumbled upon the more that I tried
Against the the tree a frost covered block of ice some five and a half feet tall
Caked with snow I rubbed my sleeve upon it until I cleared it all
I stood in awe at what I beheld before me and for a moment did not trust my own vision
A shadowy silhouette of a woman trapped in an icy prison
The moon broke free of the thick wintry clouds
Shining its light upon the ice it broke the shades mysterious shrouds
Beauty beyond measure, porcelain skin like none could compare
Wrapped in not a single thing but her long dark hair
Her lips frozen in a pose of sorrow I held my hands upon the cold winter glass
And darkness came over me that such a fate could come to pass
I felt water trickling down my firmly planted fingers
And warmth began to take hold of where the cold heavily lingers
Before I knew it my arms where elbow deep and I locked my hands together tightly around her back
I pulled as hard as I could and the ice slowly began to melt away and crack
With a satisfying crumble I finally broke her free
Sat down at the base of the tree and held her close to me
I held unto her feverishly as if I was under some sort of spell
And when I brushed her hair aside I saw a face I knew all to well
It was no longer a mystery what brought me here it seems
For hers was a pretty face that was indeed no stranger to my dreams
My heart pounded wildly and she slowly opened her eyes
Our fingers locked together with the strongest of ties
Until my arms found a home where they hung affectionately from her gentle swaying hips
And all my dreams came alive against her soft lovely pink lips
A long rewarding stare into gorgeous eyes without a single word being spoken
No matter how battered and bruised I am my ability to dream is never broken


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