The Breeze

I’ve got many things to say and that’s no surprise
You stare straight through me with those pretty eyes
All I can think about is how your lips deserve a closer inspection
Pressed against mine with their soft pink complexion
For every inch I would give you a mile
And walk that road for a good long while
Lose myself in the minutes that pass
Like drawing hearts on foggy glass
Where all of my will would simply come undone
And you would be in my arms until the morning sun
You are like pages that fill in the missing pieces
My fingers are fond of tracing your creases
Though I am uncertain about many things, what we share is so very clear
You are among the closest of things that I hold dear
The light you shine surpasses even the rarest of things clad in solid gold
Hearing your voice every time is like the first time, it never gets old
Even if I was locked in your room of secrets not a single one would ever be spoken
And every night I hope like hell these bonds we forged remain forever unbroken
Life has been such a storm and now all I want is to bring it all to ease
This night I smile softly and lose myself in the breeze


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