Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to all the words I spoke and all the attention that I gave
For all has come undone simply because you couldn’t be brave
You claimed your words would always be honestly spoken
But all you have left here are promises broken
And here we are now the farthest form anything true
Shaking my head quietly, I should have never believed in you
You let me sit here thinking that I had done something wrong
While your lack of courage left you leading me along
Hoping that I would get fed up and do what you couldn’t
Then you treated me badly when you realized I wouldn’t
All these plans we made just for you to turn and walk away
I worked my hands to the bone for those dreams each and every day
I treated you like a queen and treasured you more than gold
I relished every second you were in my arms and still you left me cold
We spoke every single day for over half a year
I was loyal only to you and I always held you dear
I made it clear right from the very start
That I wanted something real before I let you in my heart
You agreed that you also wanted the same and nothing less
Yet so easily you run away and leave me with this mess
All the things you left I have thrown them all away
And as for the time between us both there are a few things left to say
I hope you got what you wanted out of my soul you carelessly mistreated
All of the pictures I saved have now been deleted
Any evidence you were ever here, all of you I erase
The lies crack what I once thought was the most beautiful face
The fire that burned for you has faded down to a single ember
The very memory of you a poison I will soon no longer remember
To me you are now just some person, you are not special anymore
As unnoticed to me as the stranger you were before
Say goodbye to the one person that held you close within
These arms are meant for someone but they will never be yours again


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