I keep my promises and when I speak I mean every single word
Your pleas echo through my body and every single one is heard
I can’t just sit idle and watch you slowly slip away
I can no longer hold in these things that I want to say
The softness of your touch compares to no other
If my skin was a canvas it would be painted in your color
You wander my every dream so beautifully calm
And I adore you so when I cradle your cheek softly in my palm
As my kisses stretch across your woven silk lips
The warmth of your smooth porcelain skin soaks through my fingertips
Rushing through my head the detail of every single emotion
Pumping through my heart every drop of blood burns with devotion
A smile on your face means so very much to me
Happy together with you is the only thing I ever wanted to be
These words aren’t empty, my actions are more than willing to prove
That the earth could shake a million times and these mountains won’t move
My arms are open, I give you my all each and every day
And I never give up hope even when the very world feels like it is in my way
In the pool of my affection there is only your reflection
And every inch is perfect in my eyes with no need for correction
I know you don’t need my help to make your biggest dreams come true
But it would mean the world to me if you wanted me to share them with you
There is no length I wouldn’t go to, no distance too long or far
As long as the final step has me standing right there where you are
I keep my promises, I haven’t forgotten a single one to this very day
This promise shines so brightly, please don’t let it fade away


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