The Beast In Me

No matter if my joints creak or my bones grow weary
No matter if the sun forgets to shine and the days are long and dreary
No rain nor tears can extinguish inside the burning fire
And nothing will keep me from holding onto all that I desire
Though the miles are long and the paths split into many
As long as they lead to where I am going I shall take any
One chance I have been giving with no thought I will ever fail
For if pain were words a story of me they would indeed tell
And though at times I may have to venture through the darker side of things
My ears have grown deaf to the entrapping song it sings
The stones they throw will only pave my way
No walls they build can ever hope to keep me at bay
I scrape past the thorns of this forest like a ravenous beast
And if you take my light away I will rise like the sun in the east
No fickle deeds nor thoughtless judgments will do me in
The second you think I am gone for good I come right back again
The weight of this entire world cant hope to hold me down
I’ve been in over my head for years and still I refuse to drown
I am the steadfast conviction that wells in my very heart
Step between me and those I love and I’ll surely tear you apart
For all of the things I am in life I know how much better I can be
The ones that matter are the only ones I care that see
The burdens of life are only challenges to me
Now that I am far from the man that I used to be


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