Pools Of Our Reflection

I wrap myself in even the smallest of things that you do
And I smile with every feeling that I fall into
Eyes that can kiss me from all the way across the room
The smell of your inescapable perfume
Dazing away to the sight of your pretty smile
Where I lay upon your lips feeling thankful all the while
I don’t know if there is a way out, in truth I have never looked
The feel of you against me has me deeply hooked
They could lock me in the dark for years and still my heart couldn’t change
I know what I want and it’s something time can not estrange
For with every step I take I become ever more aware
That I burn brighter whenever you are there
The most that so many gave you was the least that you deserved
But when your heart is in my hands forever will it be preserved
From all abandonment ,lies, betrayal and pain
No pleas you speak unto me will ever be in vane
My open eyes see all of you, my open arms take you for what you are
My fingertips would find you anywhere no matter how far
Beauty is in my eyes when it is you that I behold
And I have found it in measures untold
Against your skin is everything and no one else touches mine but yours
I can feel it days after touching you soaking deeply through my pores
Kisses in the rain let the dark times wash away
Your lips against mine speak more words than we could ever say
Some questions have answers and when I look at you they are known
Some feelings have labels and when my arms wrap around you they are shown
I don’t take for granted the trust you’ve shown with a single invitation
Some things are just right and need no explanation
I like to think one of those things is what we share between you and I
And why I think of you with every second that passes me by
My heart beats faster yet my steady hands are not shaking
I have no fear to give you what is yours for the taking
Because no matter how many times before it has been left broken
Or how hard it has been squeezed to the point of choking
What is gone is of no matter to me anymore
I am lost in this beautiful woman I am standing before
And in this very moment and from this very day
As long as you keep your hand in mine it will always be this way
Just like rain without end it falls but it pools back together
And to me your every bit as beautiful in the sun as you are in stormy weather
As we say our goodbyes for the night I hope in your heart you know its true
My arms feel like castle walls and the queen they hold is you
This place is for no other, if you weren’t standing here no one else ever would
No one will fill this place because only you ever could
Your hands hold all the missing pieces, that I will never deny
And I will never hesitate to hold you close and tell you every reason why
So here we are in what has come to pass, looking into what will be
No matter what lays ahead just hold on tightly to me
Then no walls they could build will ever hope to come between
You and I and all the stars we have seen
No ocean with tides that swell enough to take us
No stones they could hope to throw that will ever break us
All these years I have lived a life that always felt wrong
And all who would come close would never stay very long
They never seen the things that you always could
Now when I look into your eyes everything feels as it should
I never thought in my life I would ever come close to feeling this way
Sitting across the table thanking the world for this day
I thought I would wander forever and home would be nowhere
But it feels like home holding you, running fingers through your hair
All I ever ask is that you never give up , please save a place for me
Right here next to you is the only place I want to be
When I fall asleep dream of you touch my soul so gentle and divine
And not a single day passes that I am not grateful to call you mine
One last kiss in the rain as I adore your beautiful complexion
Together in the rain with every pool on the ground casting our reflection


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