Goddess To My Dreams

A million words couldn’t tell of all the things I love about you
You truly are the most wondrous woman I have ever ran into
You’re a big part of my world and so very special to me
Tangled up in my soul right where you were meant to be
Laying softly, cradled proudly in it’s strands
Mending every broken string with the kindness of your hands
I feel every step you take walking through my endless halls inside
Every door opens only for you, there is nothing I will hide
With each passing day you venture ever deeper
The maiden of my heart, my soul’s vigilant keeper
I can’t help but wonder just what you would do
If you wandered through all of these dreams inside I have made for you
Through my eyes you would be able to clearly see
Every single thought is as wide as a whole new world within me
Dreams of holding you close as we gaze upon the star filled night
Casting our shadowy embrace upon the ground in soft lunar light
Happy as can be even in the simplest of things that we do
Whispering in your ear, Out of all of these stars none shine brighter than you
Maybe you will find yourself close to me watching the rising sun
As we reminisce about the day our time together had first begun
Unforgettable moments like the first time that we kissed
And how the days we spent apart will no longer be missed
Perhaps you will wander into the dream of a weekend we spent away
To share time alone in a romantic type of way
A cabin high in the mountains with a very scenic view
Easing our minds after the long week was through
The smell of cypress and light brown wooden walls
Standing out on the wrap around porch listening to the rain as it falls
Your looking down on the valley forest far below leaning quietly against the rail
Your mind is at peace ,content that all is well
I walk up behind you wrapping my arms around you tight
Everything about being here with you feels so right
We stand there for awhile enjoying the view that we share
You turn around locking your fingers in mine as you rest your head on my chest with care
In this moment I am lost in you and the sweet smell of your perfume blankets the air
I tell you that I feel like the luckiest man in the world as my fingers run through your silky dark hair
You look up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes that I will eternally admire
They never disappoint when it comes to setting my heart on fire
Your arms hang from my neck and mine fit perfectly against your hips
And I remember the countless days I missed your sweet loving lips
Your affection intoxicates me and crashes through me like thunder as we kiss
I spend every moment of my day dreaming of moments just like this
A goddess to my dreams, queen in my life, an endlessly beautiful woman forever in my soul to shine
Always am I yours for I am grateful everyday that you are mine
Maybe this helps you to realize how many things within in me which you inspire
And that happiness with you is all that I require
Even though your always wandering through my head
I wish so badly you were asleep next to me in my bed


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