Butterfly Eyes

I miss you so much sometimes I don’t know what to do
So I just close my eyes and lay here thinking about you
I remember your words, I see your beautiful face
My arms wrap around you and they fit right into place
I lose myself in the way your top lip curls
Hanging proudly over your smile of soft white pearls
The way they feel when they are gently pressed against mine
Is the closest I will ever be to something so truly divine
Your long hair blowing against me like the finest strands of silk
And your lovely skin a fine shade of white smooth as milk
Your eyes looking up at me feel like butterfly wings
With your head on my chest listening to my heart as it sings
I try so hard to show you how much I truly want this
And how you could bring me to my knees with just a single kiss
Of all the things I have thought of letting you go has never crossed my mind
And it never will through all the love we have chose to find
You are so beautiful to me in each and every single way
And I can not rest until I am holding you everyday
What were just the trappings of wide awake dreams
Have become matters of the heart for us now it seems
Now I can’t deny this smile you put upon my face
I where it proudly all over the place
You have wiped the dust from the better parts of the person that I am
And if someone doesn’t like the sight of you in my arms then I don’t give a damn
Because you make me happy, you make me smile
You have made pain that chewed me up for years all worthwhile
My beautiful woman I love you more than you may ever know
My arms are around you now and I am never letting go


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