With You

I cherish the very moment these feelings for you were made
I let all doubt blow away in the cold wind and watched it slowly fade
You attention is intoxicating unlike any I have ever felt before
Against the way it makes me feel nothing can compare to anymore
I hope deep down you believe and in your heart you know its true
That I lay here at night thinking of no one else but you
Those thoughts never leave and every time I dream they always follow
Pouring down into my darkness, filling what once was hollow
All the way down in to the deepest part of me
A place no one else but you will ever get to be
It doesn’t take more than one look around to see
That the person you truly are means so much to me
For all that you give to me I try my hardest to give twice as much in return
No matter what you need I am always the one to which you can turn
Ill be there at your side no matter what you go through
No matter what road you choose to take I want to walk it with you


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