Wake Up Where You Are

Crawling across my skin the overwhelming need to hold you near
How deeply I have sank into the feel of you has become so very clear
A single thought turns to endless dreams and I am buried far beneath your stones
Dreams so real that they feel more like memories carved into my very bones
The details are so vivid and not a single one escapes my attention at all
Sitting here missing you so much I close my eyes and let the moments recall
I awoke the the glow of the new day’s sun shining through window shades
My hands rubbing my eyes until the blur of sleep falls away and fades
My weary eyes come to focus upon a sight so sweet to see
Your head resting on my chest sleeping peacefully holding tightly onto me
Lost in your very existence my world is at total peace knowing you are there
Minutes pass like hours as I run my fingers through your dark silky hair
With my other hand my fingers trace your arm from wrist to elbow, every inch feels like a mile
For me it’s moments like this that make the journey feel worthwhile
Your smooth porcelain skin colored a shade of white I call divine
A blessing every time to have it grace these hands of mine
The most simple of things between us carry me so very far
Every night I fall asleep hoping to wake up where you are


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