Rain Without End

Your peach lips mesmerize me with the way they move
I’ll hang from them always and that’s a promise I am willing to prove
Pressing a kiss against them to crush away our sorrows
Place your hand in mine and we walk away into brighter tomorrows
Soaked into the very pours of your soft angel skin
Losing myself in all that you are time and time again
These arms welcome you in a way never to be shared with others
To endless days of rain drenched wonderfully in your colors
Standing strong upon this mountain paved in solid stones of trust
To pass the test of time long after all has withered to dust
For days without I fought an endless battle for control
Yet the victory of it all came to pass with you cradled against my soul
Your gentle touch laid across all the broken strands
Mended back together with your delicate vigil hands
A gentle whisper of your voice brought the raging storm to ease
The tornado of pain that kept me on my knees
The true face of beauty stretched to the far corners of my mind
Shattered to pieces the stone walls I was imprisoned behind
My mind welcomes the dreams that could come to pass
Now that I am not left wanting staring at you through glass
Beautiful thoughts and romantic things the outside world cannot begin to conceive
A dream I dream every second of the day and in it I truly believe
A wish, a dream, a want that never stops calling
A wondrous site to behold from way up here as I am falling
Swaying back and forth drifting like a feather
Carried away by your breeze and deeply under your weather
Down into a bed of flowers given life in the presence of your glow
It wraps around me softly more and more as we grow
You and I held together by roots that balance all these branches
Between the shadows of the leaves upon which daylight dances
Now my nights are no longer spent counting all my scars
For I am right here with you counting all these stars
What more could I ask for as daylight closes
Than my arms around an angel with lips as soft as roses
Nothing feels strange or remotely wrong about it
Truth be told nothing would be the same without it
You and I conjure a beautiful storm between the affections that we send
Holding you close to me under rain without end


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