Never Fade

You are so very pretty and each time I see
A gorgeous smile upon your beautiful face it warms the very heart of me
You swim around in my dizzy head for hours upon days
Soothing me like the morning sun’s gentle rays
When you beckon I am helpless to follow
Your touch fills spaces long left hollow
I adore you exactly as the way you are
The whisper you speak are unheard by others yet they carry so far
To rest themselves upon my very ears
I found many the same cries I had spoken all these years
To the sight of you I am void of all emptiness and pain
Yet overcome with a passion to which I can not refrain
No one has ever quite made me feel this way
And it is not a feeling I will ever let time take away
As real as the very breath upon which this promise is made
I swear with all I am a single ounce of this will never fade


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