Dreams And You

All my words can do little justice to show how special to me you are
Next to the dreams of you nothing else can make me drift away so very far
Dreams are plenty but the ones of you I hold onto more than most
Restless nights brought to ease by thoughts of holding you close
Echoes of your warm touch sing to me softly till I sleep
As soon as my eyes close you wash over me and I sink helplessly to the deep
My heart races and with every beat I surely cannot deny
Yearning in my very blood the very thought of you and I
Drawn together in a story with endless pages
Running together like two rivers with passion as its current,swept away as it rages
Every ounce is promise with your beauty caught in every drop
Any direction it takes us as long as we never stop
My every affection wrapping around your every emotion
Shining bright against the sun as we spill out into the ocean
Brown colors your eyes as pretty as they can possibly be
Every inch of my soul pulls you closer to me
Lost in your tide we float together and sway
Over miles and miles upon each and every day
No walls or shores can hold us back out here
Gifted with the very fortune to have found you  in my life my dear
Things feel so complete floating right here where we are
Only in hopes have I ever thought I would fall so far
Your kiss upon my lips one that will grow into many
Over weeks and years I will treasure more than any
Under this star filled sky , from where we started to where we are you know that its true


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