Hidden By Blue

I was overwhelmed by all your details and I loved having you in my sight
Even now I still feel you in my arms where I held you close and tight
Words never fell few and my wishes grew way beyond the count of many
If there is a place better than this right now I can’t think of any
It feels like I have waited a lifetime to see your pretty face
And the way I feel when your voice carries my name nothing can replace
Moments so soft and sacred come in life so very few
Yet none have been so divine as the ones spent so close to you
When your head touches my chest I feel like your undying defender
Let all that would harm you so drop their arms and surrender
For as sure as I stand upon my own two feet
Our battles together will be won , we wont accept defeat
Each moment in your presence is one where I go stronger
The passion in me burns ever hotter and warms me from within even longer
I know that even if its dark tomorrow
The hands I hold in my own will never soak in sorrow
Those hands are yours and I never wish to let them go
I cannot rest until without a doubt you know
That when you walked through my garden you breathed your life into the flowers
And I still sit lost in their pretty scents for hours
Those footprints you left in the sands of my shore
I count them all and each day I wake up finding more
The tangled marks have spread all around me, so beautifully have they grown
Each one a blessing to my skin and so proudly are they shown
The thoughts and words I treasure even greatly than before
And now that you have left memories in my hand all I can think about is making more


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