Tangled Marks

The sound of your voice is it’s own form of my purest pleasure
Filling me with warm feelings far beyond any kind of measure
If you were lost there is nothing I wouldn’t do
Descend into the darkest of pits and hottest of hells just to find you
I see your essence  standing near when I look at myself in the mirror
And with every second that passes your features become clearer
Until my very arms feel as if they wrap around you holding you near
The eclipse upon my world the every thought of you my dear
Your lunar lips draw me in like a crashing tide
The blink of your eyes the crashing thunder of a passion I can no longer hide
All around us the thoughts twist and tangle like a savage storm
And here we are in the middle where I keep you safe and warm
My every touch preaches my devotions upon your angel soft skin
It is a cure for my greatest poison and I feel alive again as I slowly sink it in
To me there is nothing that feels strange about it
All these days have felt so empty without it
You’ve seen the ghosts that aimlessly wander my halls
Yet behind this door your name is marked upon all four walls
Your hands move across me like an affectionate ceremony
My eyes close and my swaying body gives it’s testimony
They open again and before me I look upon the finest prize
Your pretty face looking up at me with big brown eyes
My arms find a home around the curves of your hips
And my soul aches with the need to feel your rose red lips
It is reborn like a phoenix over and over again from the fire
The one true promise of an unending desire
Your lips press against mine and our world moves in slow blissful motions
Seconds feel like days locked in our dance of exchanging emotions
Breathing life into my heart that has long felt decayed and strangled
Our lips and fingertips as one, so deeply entangled
Together as one silhouette in the foggy window’s dim light
Not a single detail of your beauty escapes my vigilant sight
My heart beats faster and feelings crawl across my skin like trickling water
A cold winter day has never felt so hotter
My fingers run through the strands of your dark silky hair
The heat of your body wrapped around my every breath air
The soft lights sparkling deep in your elegant eyes
Star kissed by the wishes cast upon midnight skies
Twinkling to the beat of my heart with divine echoes of your beautiful song
And I could stare into them for a time that life is long
I lose myself as our gentle dance suddenly begins to reprise
Cast away to the orange glow as daylight slowly dies
Shadows of the trees reaching listless across the ceiling
The darkest of days can’t make me shake this feeling
With each journey through my soul our story grows from before
And doors have no reasons for locks anymore
Where once you were left pieces ,I give you myself in whole
Your sugar sweet lips are honey to my soul
A kiss goodbye to life long lived in the dark
The morning sun rises, our tangled shadows forever shaped in your mark


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