Did you drift across calm blue oceans in the middle of your sleep
Gazing into the mirror of my soul you pulled up from the deep
Straight across into the very heart of mine
For here against the waves so brightly do you shine
Your foot prints a blessing on my cold shores of long stretched sorrow
Growing ever warmer these days and hotter still tomorrow
A true image of beauty standing out before what was left to wither and rust
Where any hope of rescue was dormant under inches of dust
All that was left is what you see before you , a single thread of hope
Yet within the palms of your hands becomes a sturdy woven rope
Entwined like words upon the pages ,laid out for the eye
Traces to close these spaces that drift between you and I
Your every affection a golden treasure yet ten fold in its worth
And with every step you come closer it shakes my very earth
Every ounce of my blood burns through my skin like my dark jagged ink
And I am so awe struck by the sight of you I can’t even blink
Lost in the feel of your truly wondrous ways
Hidden away for years in your inescapable maze
Yours is the softest of skin I could ever dream of putting my arms around
You burned the dark away when you set foot on my hallowed ground
A beauty I can barely touch upon with the sincerest of my verses
Shines straight through me shattering a million endless curses
Right where I want to be is wherever you choose to stand
On the shores of my heart you are every grain of sand


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