You Will See

In times of need I will help keep you strong
Doubt and fear will never hold you long
No walls will hold me when your in need
Unending is my will to help you succeed
One thing i hope you truly understand
Your never alone cause I,m holding your hand
Rest your head on me and close your sleepy eyes
On to dreams void of painful lies
Feel the conviction in my heart for your beautiful soul
Embedded upon its every strand to keep it whole
Could every moment we share be as good as this
Against one another ,every moment bliss
Like giant pillars of stone my arms protect you from threat
Patience is a virtue ill never forget
All of what’s to come is every bit worth the wait
Shining in your eyes all the memories we’ve yet to create
I see heaven waiting for me on your very lips
Your skin like soft flowers against my finger tips
Keep me in your thoughts lock me up with a kiss
Such a wondrous feeling I know il; always miss
Everything we share strengthens all of what’s to be
How could I not want you always here with me
The past behind us fiercely burns away
Nothing is strong enough to stop us breaking free one day
Indigo colors float against darkness of this starry night
Hold your dreams out for me to see them in the light
Gather your wishes in my hands I pray them true
I weave them together with hope these wings are meant for you
Heaven is yours,from the bottom to the top you’ll see why


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