Without Walls

There was a long time where I was wasted and lost
I looked upon my life and seen what it had cost
I always regretted the time that we drifted apart
But when I looked inside you were always in my heart
Then the time came where we came together again
We picked up right where we left off despite how long it had been
So many conversations and things that we shared
Through it all I felt like you always really cared
I am sorry I let myself take for granted
These deep roots which we firmly planted
I want to do all I can to balance these branches
And show you I don’t need a million chances
To give in return what you gave to me
A way to smile in the dark and will to be free
So when the day comes I’m holding onto you
Every word I say I swear will be true
The things we share will always be special that others
We shine upon each other with the brightest of colors
And in the end if we ever let a wall come between us and cause this to fade
It will be the biggest mistake both of us made
When you are in front of me your presence surrounds
I’m hearing your voice and loving the sounds
Watching closely as your pretty lips move
It feels good to share these moments with nothing to prove
I don’t have to tell you cause you already know
If I can do anything to make you happy I will make it so
Lets make this the one thing in life that doesn’t come to an end
My arms forever hold you my dear beautiful friend


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