With Pleasure

Here I set feet from your front door
Scratched by an urge I can hardly fight anymore
An urge to feel you ease my weary mind
And for a time I could leave all the world behind
Wrapped so warmly together and affection entwined
The undeniable definition of passion so clearly defined
Imaged of your lips against mine in this cold pouring rain
Stab at me so sweetly that I can not refrain
From drifting away in my head dreaming wide awake
Helpless as the daydream unfolds and I can not awake
I find myself in your room behind me the door softly closes
You lay calmly on the bed covered in silk sheets as red as roses
Your bright eyes look upon me with such a welcoming feel
The anticipation of your touch overfills me and I so wonderfully spill
My hands travel miles up and down your cloud kissed skin
Until they rest upon your hips and gently settle in
You look up and slowly brush away your hair
Your eyes stop time when they meet mine and all I can do is stare
My skin pressed against yours, your fingers locked into mine
We breath in sequence,our hearts beat in rhythm so fiercely divine
In a single second your lips meet mine with a force no man could measure
Locked together in affection, sewn to you with pleasure


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