Winter Blue

I retrace all the pain and struggles that led me to this place
Yet none of them bring me sorrow when I look at your face
In your presence I no longer feel broken
Or that I have to leave feelings unspoken
Many times through out the day my thoughts drift toward you
It makes me smile and that’s not something people often do
So many things about you catch my undivided attention
Yet the strongest ones I cant find the words to mention
I find so much calmness in your soft pretty complexion
I never knew winter blue eyes could have so much warmth in their reflection
When I glance down and see myself in them I am without words to say
To describe how I’m left feeling such a way
So many thoughts and feelings a single glance will inspire
Like hopes that I could give all that you require
They leave me dizzy like fading in and out of dreams
And I am without any defenses to them it seems
I must admit I don’t put up much of a fight
To deny myself seeing something beautiful just doesn’t seem right
I adore the way I feel this unexplainable connection
Of how a simple look fills me with affection
It seems that when your near time itself gently slows
And conversation never feels empty no matter which way it goes
My time with you is always good and I cant help but say
When its time to leave its not easy to walk away
Yet after I do your words and expressions are still floating in my head
And I fall asleep thinking of you softly in my bed


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