Window Of Water

I walked in my room. I kicked my shoes off behind the door. The same place I have done so for years now. I tapped them gently with the side of my foot to line them up side by side. I am unsure why I take the liberty of the little effort of neatness. Maybe just a habit or my own subliminal way of taking away from the chaos of the misc. items strewn across my dresser and night stand. With a soft sigh I take my usual seat on the side of my bed and pull my table closely to me. The wheels make a squeaking noise and they scratch across the hardwood floor, sometimes I wish I had carpet just to save myself from that very sound. On my table I arrange my mouse and keyboard to fit my posture and reach as I grab the remote and turn on my TV. I had been using my TV as a computer monitor since I had gotten i.e. did not see the need to strain my eyes focusing on a small monitor. While I wait for my computer to load up I lean over and raise my shade. A flash of lightning follows then a crack of thunder. The clouds in the mid-day sky have grown dark ad heavy yet the wind remains calm and steady. No raging storm just a simple thundershower. Rain begins to fall and I stare out my window and I watch it slowly trickle down. I drift deeply into thought and I imagine each drop is a dream about you. Just like my dreams of you they fall upon my see through soul softly. Slow at first then after a few minutes pass they go from a few to many. I watch as they slide down the window and branch off into their own paths. Further down the way some even reunite as one. Each watery trail represent a possibility to me. I think of some as your wishes falling upon me begging to be granted. Some I already know others I imagine what wishes they could be. Are they wishes I can grant you? Are some the same wishes as mine? I think to myself the smile on your face if I was able to fulfill such wishes. I hold them in the highest regards as I do my very own. My eyes move to drops and streams that have made it to the bottom of the window. I picture these as my feelings for you. They all pool into a single line. A line with no clear beginning and no foreseeable ending. They all gather and unite as one and fill my soul from the bottom to the top. In time that’s where they will all be. If you were to lean over and gaze into this poll you would see your reflection. If I were to do the same I wouldn’t see my own but yours also as I do every time I look into this well of you that fills within me. The wind blows harder against my window and the drops turn to waves as they slide slowly down the glass. Water brings life and the wind carries the water. I open the window and I close my eyes. As the breeze moves calmly across my skin I imagine the wind I feel comes from you. Every gust flows through the fields and across the roads all the way from where you are right here to media wrap myself in this for several moments that pass slowly like hours upon a sleepless night. When I open them I see the drops all as one on my window seal. I wonder to myself what it would be like to float around in your very dreams and wishes pooled together with my own. Every drop sinks into my every pour and every imaginable thought of your beautiful presence soaks into media see such gorgeous images of you. Standing under moonlight skies underneath a tree atop a rounded sloping hill. Your wrapped tightly is a silky smooth angelic white gown. Your hair is long and braided in a manner fit for a queen. My hand touches your feathery soft skin as I watch your bangs dance like flames in the night breeze. I pull you close to me. My arms wrap around you with a gentle firmness. Gentle to comfort with ease something I wish to never break. Firm to build my arms as stone walls around you, letting nothing bring you harm and letting none unworthy close to what I hold dear. My hands a door only you can open. For as much as I adore my love and affection will never be chains to bind you. You look up at me and the stars shine against your enchanted dark blue eyes. Your lips widen and a pearly white smile shines cutting right through the darkness of the night and taking the breath of my body softly away from me. The heat of your body radiates against every inch of me and I lose myself completely in this embrace with you. The wind blows orange and read leaves through the autumn night and they surround us. They block all would be prying eyes from our world and this moment is yours and mine alone. The tips of my fingers find their place as they pass underneath your arms and up the top of your back. My arms wrap around and my hands come to rest perched proudly on both your shoulders. My sight has never left your beautiful eyes this whole time until my hands came to rest. I trace the outlines of your glossy velvet colored lips. My mind staggers to echoes of my beating heart as I imagine them pressed elegantly against my own. My lips tremble and I gaze once more into your eyes. I lean slowly toward you as if floating with the breeze with such a wanting desire. Your eyes slowly close and mine so eagerly follow. I feel them touch mine and press against them with a sweetness no candy could ever match and a softness the petals of the rarest flowers could never equal. I wish in my heart and soul I would feel this very feeling to the end of my days and beyond the darkness of the grave. Your arms hang like banners of tribute waving against the bravest of deeds. I know now that everything I ever lost came back to me tenfold when I found myself dreaming of you.


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