Window Hearts

Now I’m counting drops of rain
Drawing hearts on my window pane
I swear its never felt so cold
When the story has grown so old
And I will spend hours now just drifting away
Staring out this window all damn day
I can’t even feel the wind, I don’t understand
This is not a single thing that I carefully planned
All the hope I had tucked away in December
Is just a memory I can seem to remember
There were so many things I wanted to know
Was I just planting seeds that would never grow
Now this emptiness consumes me for hours
Just me and a vase of dead wilting flowers
I feel the loss of their colors so faded
And the foolishness to think fate cane be evaded
Writing every dream between cracks in the wall
Darkness closing in to cover them all
I don’t know how to be nor what to think
I’m running out of things to turn into ink
There’s nothing between this cold world and my skin
To keep me from reliving this again and again
Does anyone truly know what to do
When your staring down every dream that didn’t come true


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