Where You Belong

Its a far away world from what I used to feel
We move together when we’re standing still
With your head on my chest we gently sway
Back in forth to the words we say
I listen closely as you softly speak
Every time you say my name my knees get weak
A pause in time as we stop and stare
Infatuated sigh to take in the air
I close my eyes as your touching me
Trace my skin with your ecstasy
My hands fit perfectly in places I adore
My beating heart is not my own anymore
Your prayers and hopes were not in vain
Ill take one moment and make it worth all your pain
Ill lay you in my arms tell me what you feel
What are your dreams,can I make them real
Are you on a moonlit beach looking of the coast
Tell me all the things that you love the most
I know I can make it all worth your while
Cause I feel alive every time you smile
My arms wrap around you and I cant leave behind
The fact that you and I are two of a kind
Look at us as one right here in the mirror
To me it cant be clearer
The journey has been rough and long
Your in my arms now right where you belong


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