Where I Swim

At times silence can be the sharpest of blades
A constant reminder of a want that never fades
A want to be cloaked in the peaceful shade
That shadows of love with another have made
The search for my place always a promise leading to a mystery
As if I am damned to forever relive my history
Every moment pretty eyes told me something was wrong
While softly spoken lips said otherwise all along
And I kept building dreams upon us pushing away the doubt
Surely we burned as a fire that would never go out
Who better to chase your dreams with than one who wants the same
The shadows would dance to our bright burning flame
Such a tangled mix of broken dreams and beautiful hopes
Hang over me like winter ice on jagged mountain slopes
I walk with my hands open waiting for the day
A warmth will enter my arms and melt the broken away
The hope will wash over me becoming a rover to carry me along
Past all of the bitter shores and right to where I belong
Floating on a calm sea of the woman I adore
Where I swim always and pain drowns me no more
And as I rest my weary bones within her soothing water
Each day my blood for her will grow hotter
Come the day we wash upon our white sandy shore
We will no longer think of any dark days before
After all of the storms that we sailed through
Nothing else could ever be more true
That even through the darkest of day
We never let one another get washed away
When the tides crashed against us we held on tight
The want to stay as one was worth any fight
A vision like this few in life will ever get to know
Once I do hold on I am never letting go


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