Whatever The Weather

I felt everything we could be
When your arms hung from me
I looked upon dark blue eyes
Shining through cloudy skies
You took me to a place
With that smile on your face
Now I can be no more
The way I was before
My hands belong to your hips
My world met your lips
That’s when you became my air
And you follow me everywhere
And I became your fire
Reborn in this desire
When wind touches me
You will always see
For you I burn so bright
Even in darkest night
You head upon my chest
Brought all pain to rest
And if you were ever lost
Id find you no matter the cost
Even if I had to walk through hell
I swear I would never fail
As long as I am near
You have nothing to fear
For you ill always be brave
With the love that you gave
Our eyes meet with smiles
As we stare for miles
Upon all that could be
Finally I felt free
Upon the morning sun
Our time today was done
I had to let you know
I didn’t want you to go
You said it would all be fine
I said one day you’ll be mine
You left me with a kiss
And something worthy to miss
Now every time my music plays
I sit counting the days
For our time to be
When your always close to me
No matter if people doubt
That this could all work out
I’ve dreamed of standing tall
Holding you in the fall
Surrounded by the leaves of Autumn
In your heart sinking to the bottom
On that day we will walk through a storm
My arms keep you safe and warm
Ill hold you as my biggest wound mends
And the possibility of tragedy ends
No one could ever love you as deeply as I do
Because all I am will belong only to you
No matter the journey,whatever the weather
Take my hand lets chase our dreams together


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