I’ve been running circles ,tell me how you feel
Was it just a dream that couldn’t be real
I would catch your tears every time you cry
If I missed a single one it felt like I would die
And I would stare at you praying you would see
Every little whisper rang loud right through me
Secrets that we kept things I never told
Couldn’t keep you from growing cold
The blankness in your eyes, chilling of your touch
Unspoken words never tore at me so much
And I told you i felt this from the start
I didn’t think twice when I handed over my heart
For months I’ve sat patiently awaiting
Hoping that you’ve been slowly contemplating
Everything I wrote to you in that letter
I know he loves you but I can do it better
Weeks go by I never here your voice
Silence tells me I was not your choice
Just remember that I loved you and how much that I cared
I treasure all the things that we have ever shared
And if he don’t treat you right, he is just a fool
Ill curse his name while I’m sinking in this pool
And as all my faith is slowly torn asunder
Ill close my eyes and let it take me under
I wont waste my last moments trying to reach the air
Instead ill leave this world wishing you were there
I know that I’ve done all that I could
When I reach the bottom wave goodbye if you would


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