Water And Flowers

The dark claims my worn sleepy eyes
You are always the final thought in my head as my day dies
Crippling pain of a million agonizing screams
Burn away in the wake of you walking through my dreams
I give in to sleep and let them carry me through the night
To the one true place where everything feels right
My eyes open and I rise slowly from my knees
I find myself deep in a forest of towering trees
My foot steps don’t make a single sound
Upon the thick blanket of leaves across the ground
I walk for what seems like hours
To a stone path lined with violet flowers
The farther I walked the thicker they grew
Covering all that was in my view
Willow branches hung over the path ahead like a curtain
I would find you behind them I was certain
On the other side I come to a lake filled by two water falls
Surrounded by a garden kept hidden by its thick willow walls
Benches and chairs were carved tirelessly in the surrounding stone
In every pattern a craftsman’s skill was shown
I kneel and take a drink from the water cupping it in my palm
I watch as the ripples upon the surface slowly calm
I smile happily as I look upon your fair complexion
Standing right beside me in the waters reflection
It seems I had found the one I seek
I stand and turn toward you as you softly speak
There you are but I already knew
You would come looking for me like you always do
That protectiveness runs so very deep
That you would watch over me even as you sleep
I smiled slyly as I lowered my head
My eyes looked forward as I bluntly said
Let any man who truly wants to know fear
Attempt to harm those I hold dear
In my life I hold very few
But among the dearest of them is you
You gently nodded your head
And with the smile on your face I knew you believed what I said
The warm spring breeze traveled through your long bright hair
And your wonderful fragrance consumed every inch of air
More elegant than every flower combined with a smell twice as sweet
The best kind of beautiful standing barely five feet
With a smile brighter than any I will ever know
And a set of enchanting bright blue eyes that never let me go
Smooth skin that wraps around you like wings yet softer than any feather
With a matching set of candy lips that melt right through snowy weather
A woman who is herself and offers the world no excuse
Pays no mind to the labels of the obtuse
I pull her close and seal this story with a kiss
What real man doesn’t want to dream of things like this


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