I don’t know what made you think I would stand for this
The same torment you put me through before, all the things I never miss
It’s not my problem if your sad or lonely,it was you who walked away
I can’t believe how pitifully I begged that day
I remember pouring out my heart for you with nothing but love
Yet all you did was look down on me from above
You traded a weekend in the sheets with a stranger for eight long years
Tore apart a family and now you have the guts to shed tears
I’ve told you this before you should already know
I guess I have to say it once again so here we go
I don’t miss the way you would always put me down
The horrible things you would say just to run me into the ground
Saying sorry a million times will never excuse
How the love I gave you was a tool for you to abuse
You took every secret I told and all the things of me you know
And turned them in on me just to watch the show
Even when I would change you would bring up things that happened long before
You hold no sway over me your lips and hips don’t work on me anymore
It sickens me when I think of feeling your touch
And at times I often wonder how the hell I ever missed you so much
To this day I still hear you claim I owe you this and that
You owed me till death do us part but where is that at
It’s at the bottom of the hole you dug in my heart
When you took the book of trust and you ripped it all apart
Your problems and sorrow fall right through that hole
Stuff them all back into your bitter empty soul
I don’t owe you anything you have already taken enough
You wont be leaning on me when times get tough
You got exactly what you wanted,you were so eager to be free
You claim I’ve never done a thing for you and you’ve gotten nothing from me
I won’t waste my time reminding you of everything I did
Most of it was all for nothing when I found out the lies you hid
Days have passed and over a year has gone by
I don’t waste a single second of the day wondering why
I don’t care who your talking to or who your screwing
So stop going out of your way to let me know what your doing
Months ago I had already gained the strength to move on
And if you think I’m sitting around waiting for you,I’m long gone
So while your out there buying peoples affection with our son’s money
I’m not wasting a single second studying you honey
Since you’ve been gone I have gotten back to the person I remember
The person that was lost that day you showed up in December
Words were your weapon and that’s all he strength you ever had
So if I did manage to hurt your little feelings I don’t feel bad
I can show you how its done if that’s what it truly takes
Ever trying to match wits with me would be one of your biggest mistakes
You walk around with an undeserved sense of pride
It’s just a mask so you can hide
For what little that its worth the person you once were meant a lot to me
But its worth nothing at all cause that person I can no longer see
So as you run about attempting to smear my name and casting your stones
Your wasting your time if you think its breaking my bones
I laugh ironically at the childish things you do
I have come to realize maybe one day you will too
That everything you claimed you hated in people is now what you’ve become
I hope you like the taste of humble pie cause now your surely eating some


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