The Ghost

Where have you gone my precious bright eyed queen
The most beautiful woman I have surely ever seen
I’m looking for you under these dark skies tonight
Yet I can find you nowhere in my sight
I speak my wishes and they travel so free and far
They go unanswered as if they have fallen from a bitter star
I’m trying with all I am just to make you see
This river of affection that flows your life to me
Thoughts of your eyes shine brighter than the purest of metals
Upon my rose and its brown wilting petals
Look closely as i greet you with a smile
You’ll see inside I’m suffering all the while
Burning away inside for the enchantment of your feel
Wishing away at night for my dream to be real
I find no place in this world I feel as if I am a ghost
And all the ones who never see or hear me are the ones I want to the most
Would you still quickly turn away even if you knew
That some of the greatest feelings I have in side are feelings born from you
Everyday for me feels so lifeless and gray
And I find no rest in this bed that I lay
They say the greatest thing is to know love in your life
Then why does it stab at me like a dull jagged knife
Do I have to let this be and hope that someday it will fade away
Or do I just keep hoping you will understand someday
Will I burn so long to find in my hand only ashes
Or will all life run from me through these broken hearted gashes
These words I write aren’t meant to impress or flatter
They are a mirror to my soul for you to see in me how much that you matter


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