That Day

I promised you that I would never let go
And I am still doing everything I can to make it so
Fighting through it all to stay sturdy and strong
As I miss your beautiful touch for which I long
It feels like decades since you’ve laid in your place
Next to me shining upon me with your pretty porcelain face
The days grow long, the nights weary and old
Waiting for the day it will all unfold
For the day you will bring me back into the light
The day when everything will truly be alright
Your always a day away, I can’t seem to get you here
Yet there isn’t a moment that goes by that I do not hold you dear
Your essence closely to my thirsty skin
And every single thing that you are soaks so easily in
I don’t have to sleep to walk through a dream
You are my greatest one of all it would undeniably seem
What else could possibly explain
These feelings of you that flow without restrain
Your name branded on my heart with the softness of your touch
Nothing else could ever mean this much
I hope when you look closely you certainly see
That the love you truly deserve waits for you in me
With my fists clinched like steel I bow to you and pray
That soon you will be mine,I wait for that day


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