Down the road in life you will come to see
Other things will become more important than they used to be
Not because they shouldn’t have been from the start
Time ran its course and they grew in your heart
Giving up should never be your choice
Inside us all we have that little voice
Vindictive thoughts and actions will only prolong
Empty days trying to make the ones pay who did you wrong
Unearthed feelings spread to those you made repay
Pointing their anger toward you to find their justice someday
Don’t run in circles of petty pride filled deeds
One venomous flower can sew so many poisonous seeds
No one lives their life without making a mistake
Always think before you act on a choice you can’t remake
Victory in any trial cannot be guaranteed
Inside yourself you must have the will and belief you will succeed
Never let doubt or fear keep you from walking into tomorrow
Walk right past all those who want you swimming in their sorrow
Every chance they get they will try to pull you down
Above their reach you will never give up and drown
Let your actions speak louder than words ever could
Look how you easily begin to do things you never thought you would
Compassion is a virtue and feeling it isn’t a weakness in your link
Accepting what you feel is important no matter what they think
Reach for everything you dream no matter how far it is away
Every dream you capture is a story for your children someday
Always remember when it felt like no one would care
Before anyone could help you at all you had to let them be there
On down the road you will be able to know
Understanding how life gets busy and distance can grow
Treasure time with family and friends, sometimes is easy to lose touch
Yet just because they aren’t there doesn’t mean they don’t wish they were so much
One day at a time bro, give it nothing but the best of what you can do
Under even the worst of days your friends and family all care about you


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