Queen Of Hearts

The morning casts its light through my dull dust stained window
I wake to the shadows of leaves dancing upon my pillow
Pulling me out of a dream I felt so near
A dream where I was holding tightly onto you my dear
The day was summer with a passing breeze as soothing as ice
Against the scent of your skin a sweet floral spice
Your hair floated softly in the wind and watching you did surely entice
Thoughts of your hands in mine locked together so wonderfully nice
With a single finger you beckoned me with your call
Yet I would walk ten times over to answer them all
My steps were silent upon the thick green grass
Dandelions blew in the wind and I wished for you as I pass
Every space from me to you in between
As I burn with a fire like this world has never seen
You stood patiently under shade of a wide oak tree
And I found a spot next to you right where I wanted to be
Light shown through the leaves and their shapes casted shadowy hearts upon your face
Surrounding a pair of big beautiful eyes a million diamonds couldn’t replace
From head to toe,every strand of hair you blossomed before me like a seed so carefully planted
And I swear upon every breath of my air not a single inch of you was taken for granted
Your back leaned calmly against my warm grateful chest
You titled your head back and it slowly came to rest
My arms wrapped around your body and I felt your comfort in their protection
Nestled silently between them as I marvel at your complexion
Your eyes slowly opened and I stared wantingly upon your soul
Within it I seen the pieces I needed for my own to be whole
You turn without ever leaving my arms looking up at me with a smile of beauty true
My head leans down and in this moment I know nothing else but you
You step higher perching yourself upon the tips of my toes
And I watch the last light of the day fade upon your nose
My hands streamed like dripping water on glass down to the cradle of your hips
I pulled you in like a storm driven tide and crashed on the shores of your lips
With every touch of my lips upon yours I became deeply entranced
My hands moved across you the the rhythm our hearts danced
Our kisses break for now but your still wrapped in my arms so comfy and tight
This moment is yours, this moment is mine together this is our night
I silently cast my thanks out to every single shining star
I wished upon them for my dream to come true and that’s exactly what you are
This without a doubt is the perfect definition of a world no longer broken
And we know each others feelings without a single word being spoken
The world will be the paper, our love the ink and upon the pages we descend
You are my alpha and my omega my beginning and my end
We write this story as one ,our souls rage together like a river that never parts
The very same river a lonely night crossed when he fell in love with his queen of hearts


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