Purple Wishes

You are heat against every ounce of cold this earth could blow toward me. A warmth upon my long frozen soul. The winter within me surrenders to your summer breeze and so eagerly I thaw. I look upon you setting beautifully across from me. Your cheek leaned calmly upon the cradle of your left palm. Even though the world continues on all around us it is lost to me now. These moments feel like hours and within them no details of you escape my attention. Your long hair drapes perfectly over your left shoulder. My eyes trace ever single strand from the beginning to the very end. Every spot where light touches purple and gives way to dark. The very first time I laid eyes upon it I saw a beautiful sunset on a clear day. The sun paints the blue sky with yellow and darkness with a wedge of purple in between. Your hair and eyes the definition of my days last gift of pretty colors. With grace your finger tips brush your hair gently behind your ears. The four freckles on your right ear find their place in that sky and they remind me so of distant stars. If wishes were to be spoken to them I would pray one for each. The first one would be that I would always make you smile. The second would be for peace within your heart and soul always. My third wish would be for you and everything you truly are. I wouldn’t change a single thing about you. The fourth wish I would place in your hand. After the third one I would have all I needed. Your wishes mean just as much as my own. Your eyes meet mine and we trade one another smiles. You seem to breathe life into everything about you that I adore. Time spent with you never feels empty and I enjoy the smallest of things we share. I truly hope it shows how special you have become to me. There are things in me few have ever seen but none of them will ever be hidden from you. Even though I have said it before I could say it time and time again. No one my dear is as beautiful as you.


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