Pretty Blue

Almost everyday you pass me by
Every time I cant help but wonder why
I cant help but look into your eyes
And feel my breath with low gentle sighs
They are so bright and unbelievably blue
And if you asked me yourself I would say its true
Your long soft hair drapes over your little shoulders so well
The thought of my fingers running through it leaves me weak and frail
My eyes even seem to wander across the long room straight to you
Until people in between leave them unable to pursue
When you look back I quickly look away
Thinking of exactly what I could say
A gentle calmness flows through your voice
I would hear it more often if it were my choice
So many things that I wish to know
Like things that would make you smile,if I could make it so
For now all I can seem to do is flow along the breeze
And every time I see you I think of things like these
Catching your eyes and tracing your lips
Those pretty blue eyes shake my very finger tips


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