Over And Through

It was nothing but a waste all those times I cried
At the speed I’m going you couldn’t stop me no matter how hard you tried
The stain you left on my life I can finally remove
And I don’t give a damn what you approve
You lost all influence when you loosened that hold
Now you hate the fact I don’t do as I’m told
Bark your orders but there’s no power for you here
And nothing left of these ties you swore so dear
To hate you would be just another waste of time
Any spent on you wasn’t worth a dime
On paper you might still be my wife
But your no longer on the list of important things in life
Using words as a weapon is the only trick you know
But your running out of things to say and its starting to show
So many know what you fail to see
This unstoppable force that flows from me
I wont give into you so don’t even bother
All I care about is being a father
To be honest you never truly knew me at all
Never believed in me once and always expected me to fall
There were many times I did this is true
Because instead of trying for myself I was too busy doing it for you
If I cant trust you how can you ever be my friend
You speak to me so ignorantly amongst every message you send
The verdict is in and its all tried and true
Your days of talking down to me are over and through


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