Oceans And Us

You’ll always be something special that’s a truth I’ll never deny
Thousands of miles paved with the conversations between you and I
Roads we both traveled away from those who left us hollow
Far away from their lies in places they can not follow
Months have turned to years look how far we have come
In days where happiness is rare we do our best to hold onto some
We’ve been used, abused and easily taken for granted
With your hand in mine we stay so firmly planted
I stand by you, no one can push me from this place
When the world burdens you with sorrow I put smiles upon your face
We shine upon each other beneath the darkest of skies
Our lives shades away from picture perfect yet the hope never dies
Two years back I can so clearly remember
Talks with you kept me warm through snowy December
We peeled away from our past though it left us with it’s scars
Imperfections to many but we wear them like stars
Even when we slip neither of us ever hit the ground
We stumble side by side when life pushes us around
Whatever would make you happy I would fight to make it so
Move mountains to protect you and keep you safe wherever you go
I remember when all we had was a hand full of fear lost in our emotions
We crossed so many rivers of doubt we became brave enough to try the oceans
That’s what it feels like to me ,a journey and we are sharing the boat
No idea where we are going just trying like hell to keep it afloat
It doesn’t matter if we ever reach another piece of land
We don’t give up when things don’t go as we planned
Your support gave me strength to rise above things I didn’t think I could
So many times you’ve helped me out when no one else would
Never forget everything you invest in me will always be returned
Mistakes that we made can’t compare to the lessons that we learned
Lean against me I promise I’ll get us through
There’s nothing I’m afraid to face standing here by you


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