My Hell

I can’t deny the view doesn’t look warming from way down here
I’ve been here all along and a part of me always will I fear
The walls look never ending from every and every angle
The air hangs heavy with torrid memories that strangle
Chest deep in a murky pool of blood stained tears
Drops that I have held back in this hole for years
My breaths draw deep against trembling hands so malicious
As I recall the pain of a thousand long lost wishes
They are strewn across my damp wrinkled skin
Like glass in every pore that is slowly twisting in
Twitching to the feel of their torturous turns
My muscles contort and my entire body burns
No reason to question, in this there is no form of mystery
All I am hidden away like a dark shameful history
An echoing symphony of long agonizing screams
My very heart impaled upon the death of so many dreams
Any form of hope  is as distant as the very stars
Promises bent into a cage of razor trimmed bars
High above a single dot of light stands only to betray
All chances to ever climb out of here someday
Purple thorns scattered through my very veins
Wrapped tightly in in glowing hot metal chains
Left to battle for eternity in this internal perdition
Salty water soaks into each and every incision
Faded away from the eyes of everyone decaying in my horrid cell
I am legion of these muddy walls,welcome to my hell


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