Like Mad

I see your pretty eyes shine behind your glasses
And I hang on a feeling that never ever passes
A feeling of something I want so bad
That I would treasure more than anything I have ever had
I crave it more with every passing day
And I miss you when you aren’t here in the worst way
I stare at the screen wrapped in such attraction
Listening to your every word and watching your every reaction
What I wouldn’t do to have you standing right here
So I could touch your skin and hold you near
A want that will run through me til the day I die
Every reason is clear to me and I am never wondering why
Why I burn for you with such a torrid desire
Cause I know you give to me all that I require
I skipped over the trip and fell straight in love
From the highest cloud in the sky above
I don’t know what to say there is nothing I can do
I run around like mad just trying to catch a moment with you


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