Get the fuck out of my way
I’ve had all I can take today
If I could peel you from my burning skin
I would never have to scratch at you again
You can’t hide it in the tone of your voice
You pushed me off, I had no other choice
This selfish world pins me to the filthy floor
And I’m just too fucking tired to fight you anymore
My eyes turn red, hate is all you will find
I clinch my fists and my teeth slowly begin to grind
Now there is no control, my mouth spews forth in pain
Every single word that’s burning in my brain
I no longer hear the reasons when I have unleashed
The darkest hate in my heart that can not be ceased
Screaming to the world is all I can feel
My feelings a joke to those I love, its all so unreal
I cut my heart and bleed it out on this page
Seething in the shadows of this long forgotten rage
My head is swimming in unrelenting turmoil
Like an angry snake I slither and coil
Poised to strike showing my jagged teeth
And when its over I climb back beneath
Into my dark dank little hole
Where no one can see me struggle with my soul
This world will never understand how I feel
Dreams always broken, my pain is all that is real
I curse gods under my breath
When I reach for love I find only death
All this shit has slowly built up around
My entire life ran straight into the ground
With my fists I beat on walls paved in 28 years of depressions
But all I ever seem to do is leave small impressions


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