How I Feel

Ten mile long screams
Pour through my seams
A fist through the mirror brings blood to wash away my dreams
The pain breathes reality
Enslaved by duality
Every thought days away from rationality
Why is it clearer
In pieces of a mirror
That I can’t escape the day that ill loose something dearer
Do I confide in another
A hell like no other
In the end the just stare and watch me suffer
Through another day
Fate made this way
Where no one listens to a single word that I say
They all wonder why
I’m under clouded sky
They can’t understand cause they don’t even try
To begin to comprehend
How far I bend
Through every endless hour that I spend
Awake through the night
In a desperate fight
For so long is this struggle to make something right
What you see in me is real
My heart as cold as steel
You’ll never know who I am if you don’t know how I feel


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