God Save The Queen

Never had I found myself in an emptier place
Than the cold icy walls of your expressionless face
My hands felt no warmth as they both rested calmly there
Waiting for you to return an affection you couldn’t bother to spare
An affection that only days ago
You had no hesitation to eagerly show
The way you speak and the tone of your voice feel so estranged
Even the way your presence feels next to me has changed
Your eyes looked upon me and all the things about you I held dearer
Couldn’t reach far enough to pull you nearer
The dreams I had of you had never been more clearer
As they now lay on the ground in pieces of broken mirror
My hands fell from your face and swayed at my sides so lifeless and loose
And my body burnt with betrayal that couldn’t be justified with any excuse
You have made your choice asking why would be no use
I hang my head in your halo and now it is my noose
It seems that special place you said I would always have in your heart
Was in the arms of another demon to slowly rip me apart
Like your knight I protected you and fought your battles with the others
Honored you proudly armored in your colors
I did everything I swore I would and you have given me my reward
Sacrificed all that I was to capture pieces on your board
You’ve put me in my spot, now turn and walk away
Leave me to the fate you bestowed of me hanging to decay
Truly you are the darkest angel I have ever seen
Victory is yours, god save the queen


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