First They Fall

Empty, Blankness upon the walls of my empty shell
Vacant, Absent necessities burn at me like hell
Eulogy, What would they say if they never knew me at all
Regret, All the things I stood and watched them fall
Yesterday, Bits and pieces people I loved took away
Tomorrow, More promises from others that will be broken one day
Hemorrhage, It escapes no matter how hard I try to keep it in
Incision, A smile on my face or the aftermath of my parted skin
Neglected, A simple touch would wash it away and leave me clean
Garrote, Choked with the longest string of lies I have ever seen
Destroyed, My body is the target for your stones
Incinerated, It burns inside to make ashes of my bones
Entrapped, No more will I see my starry skies
Solitude, No one will ever hear my painful cries

From nothing within down to all alone
The first falls down and the one truth in life is shown


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