Far Too Long

I no longer feel the limitations of fear
My presence is felt to all that come near
I refuse to be a memory that flickers to fade
A year in the shadows my dues have been paid
I will face this dissolution
With a blood stained revolution
My face shows no emotion
I walk with unquestioned devotion
And the cold wind blows through my long dark hair
A scream to the sky I raise my fist to the air
To all of those who would stand in my way
I’m taking back all that is mine starting today
For far too long
I’ve been done so wrong
I won’t be a sheep to the ways you deceive
I’ve reached a level you cannot hope to achieve
Waded through all of this emotional pollution
Came out the other side with new evolution
This bath of misery has only made me stronger
I can breathe in again I am dead no longer
I brush the dirt from my skin now I’m standing tall
Your meaningless words do not taunt me at all
Even my greatest enemies speak words that try to flatter
I won’t buy into them it doesn’t even matter
I can see right through that pitiful little game
You underestimate me it’s such a shame
That some see the kindness in me
And cannot imagine how vindictive I can be
If you run me over you’ll be stepping on nails
And there’s no one but yourself to blame when your aggression fails
Your words nor your thoughts will define who I am
If you don’t like how I’m living I’m not giving a damn


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