Distance To Existence

I wake to the sound of a soft knock at my door
I stand speechless to see who I am standing before
A soft candy smile from underneath your hood
Spoke a million words and I understood
You took off your coat and your hair fell warmly over your face
Your eyes peeked through and your hair trimmed them like a silky lace
I stood speechless, wrapped in amazement and enjoy
Rambling within my head over feelings I could not find words to employ
I wrapped you in my arms so soft and tight
I’ve been waiting ten years for this very night
Now I feel all the dreams come crashing into existence
I’m sorry it took so long to close the distance
Between the hearts of me and you
And the dreams that time cold not subdue
A love that reached for miles
Turns sadness into smiles
Now it is the way I always felt it should be
You in my arms standing here with me
I lose my sense of time thinking of the memories we can make
And the moments we would share that no one else can take
I brush your hair away and look into your eyes
Is this proof that dreams come true or that hope never dies
All I know is what I truly feel
With no disbelief this dream has been made real
If it’s lasted for this long
How could we ever be wrong
The journey ends, our hands press together from palms to fingertips
The final inch is right between our lips
That’s the last distance we will ever have to measure
I’ll never again be so far from the one that I treasure
Our lips come together with a wanting force I cannot define
I never gave up hope and finally you are mine


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